OMG the new online store is ready. You’ll finally be able to walk around and have no one understand what your shirt is! Isn’t that exciting? Plus we have some beer steins and koozies to assist in your debauchery, and a coffee mug for the next morning when everything is the worst.

I’ve been procrastinating on this for a while, but some awesome kid wanted to get his girlfriend a shirt for Christmas and I was like “I GOT YOU, BRO.” Except I was mostly like “But seriously, don’t get her a Muggle Hustle shirt for Christmas or she’ll break up with you.” Here are a couple quick things:

Price: Unfortunately most of the cool colors are a bit more expensive. It’s more than I’d like to charge, but that’s sort of the cost of doing business with a company who handles pretty much everything for you. I don’t have the time, money, or space to keep an inventory and ship things myself. But it will look dope as fuck.

Colors: So we’ve created some color combinations between the shirt and logo that we really like, but the site allows you to be pretty customizable. Just find the type of shirt and the logo color you want, and you can select any shirt.

Size: We did most of the shirts on Men’s American Apparel shirts, and they are basically unisex. But we included some ladies’ shirts as well JUST IN CASE.