WHAT UP, THUGGLES? Welcome to Audio Hustle. The downloads on this page are audio tracks containing jokes and commentary that sync up with the Harry Potter movies.YOU NEED THE MOVIES FOR THIS TO BE A THING. If you don’t have them and don’t feel like renting/buying them then don’t download.

You download the track. I help you sync it to the film. We hustle together. It’s like I’m sitting next to you on the couch calling Draco a douche and drinking all your beer.

HP5 Audio Hustle

Umbridge takes control of Hogwarts. Voldemort takes control of Harry’s mind. And Harry has a lot of feelings about things. Like, so many feelings, you guys.

$2.00 USD

HP4 Audio Hustle

Tri-Wizard Tournament Fever hits Hogwarts! But is everything on the up and up? Probably not!

$2.00 USD

HP3 Audio Hustle

Harry DEFINITELY keeps his cool around Dementors as he finds himself entangled in a manhunt for the notorious fugitive Sirius Black.

$2.00 USD

HP2 Audio Hustle


$2.00 USD

HP1 Audio Hustle

Harry finds out he’s a wizard and gets into his first adventures at Hogwarts. Muggle Hustle finds out how many times he can call Draco a “douche.”

$2.00 USD

Syncing Instructions

  1. Play that shit.
  2. I’ll let you know when to pause the audio track.
  3. Play the movie.

At this point, you should be synced up. Throughout the movie I say a line of dialogue at the exact same time a character says it. This should let you know if you’re in sync. If you’re not, press pause on either the track or the movie (depending on which one’s ahead/behind) for about a second and you should be good. Don’t worry if you’re like, fractions of a second off the sync, you’ll get the same experience.

Syncing tips:

  1. When I do the countdown to pause the audio track, wait like half a second after I say “pause” to press the button.
  2. Similarly, when you press play again, you can wait a beat after the WB logo disappears. I’m not expecting you to get it RIGHT on the money.
  3. Listening to the audio track on a different device from whatever you’re watching the movie on tends to be a little easier, especially if you need to pause both things at the same time to get more beer.
  4. Spending the time to get the sync right in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie is probably the way to go. Sorry, it isn’t an exact science.